Academic Audit Report 2014-15


The vision represents the ambition of the founders of the college that the students of this institution reach the highest peak in the field of the education.

Goddess Saraswathi the deity of Education and the Sixty four (64) Fine arts, is seen predominantly on the emblem of our college.

The garland of crystals represents spirituality, the parrot stands for the eloquence, the lotus for wealth, the book for enlightenment, and Veena in her hands indicates the melodious music divine.

The graceful snow- white swan is the Vahana of the deity. Only a swan has the ability to differentiate milk and water, which can be interpreted as “Asatoma  Sadgamaya”. The race of the sunlight around the deity dispels the darkness of ignorance- can be interpreted as “ Tamasoma Jyothirgamaya” ,the crescent beneath the swan symbolises immortality-“Mrityorma Amritangamaya”.

The Omkara on the right denotes the genesis of the entire creation, the swasthika on the left is considered a sign of symbol which stands for peace, equality, ideal society and fraternity.

The ocean represents the knowledge unlimited, and (64)Sixty four petals around the outer circle sybolise the Sixty four fine arts.

The words in the emblem inscribed as the Motto are the most memorable words of a poet “Vidhyadhanam Sarvadhana Pradhanam”  which means wealth of education is the prime of all wealth.


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